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Thank you, thank you! It was quite a match, wasn't it? I'm not entirely sure the adrenaline's worn off yet -- or perhaps that's just the after-effects of the party that followed in the Gryffindor Common Room. Either way, I'm immensely proud of how we played. I don't blame Hufflepuff for practicing every day if that's the best they can do, even on so much practice. Unless Slytherin completely loses their heads I don't think there's any way they can lose to Hufflepuff next week.

Weatherby says you're quite welcome, and that Greenville had it coming. Apparently he heard the offending "blood" comment. I suppose as Captain I ought to go visit Greenville -- you know, sportsmanlike conduct -- but I can't bring myself to be particularly sympathetic to his plight.

I noticed Concodia -- sort of hard not to, she stuck out like a sore thumb. What's she playing at? Does she want to get lynched? I, er, appreciate her support, but really, that's not very indicative of the trademark Hufflepuff loyalty, now, is it? And no one likes a fair-weather fan -- Oh Merlin. Was that supposed to impress me?

Oh, I do hope Ravenclaw puts up a better fight than Hufflepuff -- Slytherin's been weaker this year and it would be a shame to win the Cup without any competition at all -- but I think you're the one who oughtn't be getting her hopes up, my dear. You saw how we flew on Saturday.

Polyjuice Potion has nothing on being an Animagus. It's not really like you get to "be" someone else -- you just take on their physical appearance. You don't become them, not in spirit or mind or any way that really matters, and Polyjuice Potions are rarely used for honest purposes. It's not even Transfiguration! Most anyone who passed their Potions OWL could make a Polyjuice Potion, but to be an Animagus, that's a real accomplishment, it's rare and it takes years of hard work. Besides, I imagine it teaches you a little about yourself, and that might be more relevant information than what it feels like, physically, to be someone else.

And no, I imagine my children would be far too terrified to take a ride on a Thestral -- I certainly don't intend for them to be able to see one, after all. (I do hear they're good for long journeys, though -- how strange would it be to ride an invisible creature for a long journey?) Either way, I think your argument is a little weak: there's no reason being an Animagus would interfere with my parenting abilities, and there's also no reason raising a kid shouldn't be fun at least some of the time. Surely that's why people do it? No-one would condemn themselves to seventeen-plus years of no fun, I'm sure.

Really? Hm. That would be neat. I stand by what I said - being a Thestral would be amazing. Flight and invisibility. That's hard to match.

Different views, ah? I can accept that. She's only twelve, though, what can she be so dead-set on? For that matter, how old was Pollux when she was born, then? She's not that many years behind us - is he considerably older than you? And on another note, do you like having such a large family? Over the last few generations the Potters have become, well, quite few, and sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to have brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and all of that. At times it must be annoying, but overall it must be a nice sense of community, right?

And thank you. You are, I think, the first person to find it charming -- most people prefer adjectives more akin to "annoying", "rude" and "ignorant". I'll have to tell my mother.

Minerva's very good, yes, she's definitely a keeper. Ha. All right, that was lame. Though in my defense, puns were once considered the highest form of humour.


PS - You happen to look quite good in red and gold.
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Sweet Merlin, what was that? That was, by far, the best Quidditch match I have seen in my entire life! Congratulations! Just sitting there in the stands, in the first row, got me in my nerves. Everything just happened so fast: first Crouch had the ball and all of a sudden Gryffindor had scored, all in one second. I give it to you: it was one of the most incredibly thrilling expieriences I've had in my life.

And you played really well, too. I was suprised in the beginning but after a few minutes and several jaw-dropping moments, we all knew Gryffindor was destined to win. Thank Weatherby for me, as well, will you? I hadn't expected he was literally going to knock Greenville out of his broom. Not that I am complaining or anything; on the other side, I'm quite happy that he will have to spend the rest of the week with Madam Pompy. She will keep him entertained.

Don't think that Gryffindor will win so easily, though, Charlus, because then reality will hit you harder. Perhaps our team hasn't been practicing like Hufflepuff's had (and what for? Ha) but we certainly have one of the best ones we have had in decades. You should keep an eye open. But, like you said, I'll gladly support for Gryffindor for second place. After all, the first one is far out of your league, no offense.

Speaking of the game, I wasn't the only one cheering for your team. Surprisingly, Concordia was doing so too even though it was her House you were playing against. I don't think I have ever seen someone do that before. You should have seen her fellow Hufflepuffs eyeing annoyingly as she sang Gryffindor related songs. She even donned a maroon knitted sweater which strongly contrasted against the pool of yellow that surrounded her.

Well, maybe you would like transfiguring into an animal, but personally I think transfiguring into another person would be more interesting. Like Polyjuice Potion, for example. You wouldn't have wings but you could easily see how other people lived their everyday lives, or some approximation. Just leave your life for a little while and enjoy pretending being someone else. Besides, not everything can be about fun, Charlus. What about when you have children? Would you transfigure into a Thestral and have them hop onto you and get them anywhere they like this way, rather than using Floo or Side-along Apparating?

There won't be no need for you to ask Professor Dumbledore. I am a Ravenclaw after all, just like you said. Wizards can transfigure into a magical creature when they're Animagi but it's extremely rare. If I recall correctly, there were only two known instances of this. I remember that one of them could transfigure into a unicorn but my memory is slipping about the other one.

Many people have asked my why I didn't talk to or about my cousin often, people who, like you, have no shame in asking personal questions. I am not sure why, really. We're different people: she sees life in a different manner than I do, and there are some things I can't agree with her doing. She's taken after her father, Pollux. Maybe it's because she was born when he was so young and didn't know much about life either. I don't know.

I like, in a way, that you ask people awkward questions. You do have a point: I don't think I had talked so much about Walburga before with anyone, until you asked me, that is. I think it's quite... charming.


P.S.: You were completely right about McGonagall (I think Minerva is her first name?): she is quite a Keeper. Overly enthusiastic, almost.
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She is a bit of a strange Healer, I'll give you that, but she does seem to know what she's doing, Pox Incident notwithstanding. Having suffered numerous scrapes and broken bones and a few thirty-foot falls at the hands of Quidditch I can attest to her capabilities. Even still, the Hospital Wing certainly isn't the best place to be, and if you can finish your stay here at Hogwarts without spending more than half an hour there, my hat's off to you.

It's funny you should mention Slughorn, actually. He passed me in the halls the other day while I was heading to Transfiguration and he said something to the effect of "Ah, Charlus! Having any luck with that assignment yet?" and then sort of wandered away without waiting for my answer. I can only assume he was trying to make some sort of pun -- you know, luck, Felix Felicis. (Though I suppose that explanation was unneccessary; you are a Ravenclaw, after all.)

If you say so, but I'll take pleasure in beating Greenville on Saturday anyway. And it's always nice to have some supporters from other houses. Gryffindor will win the Cup this year, of course, but I'd be happy to see Ravenclaw in second place.

But flying without a broom would be so much better! There's no risk at all! It'd be easy as walking! Surely even someone who didn't like flying with a broom could still appreciate the brilliance and freedom of flying without one. And it never really occured to me that you didn't fly -- we had that class with the Slytherins in first year -- does that mean you don't fly at all? Why not? Do you not like the heights or are you just not used to it? I could teach you if you like - it's dead easy once you get the hang of it - it's certainly the most fun way to travel, there's nothing exciting about Flooing or Apparating.

If I were an Animagus I'd like to be something that can fly, yeah -- a bird or something I suppose. Or a Thestral. How odd would that be, being half-invisible and being able to fly? I suppose they're sort of macabre creatures but being one would be so ....different. Come to think of it, can you be a Magical Creature when you're an Animagus, or just a mundane one? Hm. Maybe I'll ask Professor Dumbledore in Transfiguration after lunch.

Concordia was the one who broke it off, yes -- her loss now, I suppose -- and although at the time I was not entirely pleased with the idea, I do think it was for the best. I am not particularly interested in persuing another relationship with her, I do hope she's swift enough to gather that. She's sometimes sort of ... oblivious.

Couldn't tell you. Maybe he's not the... Ravenclaw sort. They say the Sorting Hat's always right, so Slytherin it is, I guess.

And really? I suppose I just sort of assumed you'd be close with your niece -- so close in age and all. That's the interesting paradox of family, though; you can be close in blood and absolutely nothing alike. Are you just not very close to your family? I don't mean it in a bad way -- just that some families are more ... relaxed and independent than others.

It's all right - perhaps I was out of line - it just didn't occur to me that family would be a topic "out of bounds", so to speak. My mother's always complained about that, my tendency to ask questions that perhaps I shouldn't. She says it's rude. It is, in all honesty, but it's also very fascinating -- you'd be surprised how much people will tell you simply because no one else has ever had the audacity to actually ask. In my experience lots of pepole are just waiting for someone to ask the awkward question no one else will, because it's an invite to express something they otherwise wouldn't.

But I'm rambling. Thanks very much for the papers, and for meeting me after class; it was good to see you. I'll probably be scarce the next four days or so -- Quidditch practice virtually every chance we get -- but perhaps I'll run into you after we play Hufflepuff (and win, of course).

Take care!


P.S. - Ignore the fact that it sounds as though I'm leaving on some dramatic maiden voyage. It's not exactly the tone I was going for, honest.
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Fortunately, I've never had a reason to stay in the hospital wing for more than thirty minutes, and that was the time my hair couldn't stop growing three inches by the second, thanks to that Veritaserum gone wrong last year. I do my best not to go there; I find Madam Pumpy a bit unnerving ever since she licked that sick student's face, the one that had Dragon Pox, claiming that it was part of the healing. Urgh.

This reminds me, have you spoken to Slughorn, by the way? He corned me after Transfig, looked at me funnily and asked me how our project was going. I said, fine, sir, everything is going just fine, but he kept on smiling at me (in a really eerie way, I should say) and then I think he winked at me. Which, if you think about it, isn't a big deal because it is Slughorn after all, but it disturbed me nevertheless. I think he is up to something.

Greenville is an arrogant git, that's all. I don't even want to keep talking (writing?) about him - it gives him power, in a way, and I don't want that. I am way over him already. He isn't worth the trouble. (But that doesn't mean I won't still cheer for your team against him, though, so I am hoping you will adroitly knock him off his broom at some point.)

Okay, I'll look for you after class.

Listen, I am all for Quidditch and flying and Quaffles and Snitches and Beaters and everything that is related to it, but just when I don't participate in it. I prefer watching from afar. Why do you think I never tried out for Quidditch positions, even though I love the sport? That's why I have no interest whatsoever in transfiguring into an animal which has the capacity of flying without a broom. What's the point if I don't even fly with a broom at all? Whatever would you like to transfigure into?

Wistful thinking? Why, you don't want to have anything to do with her any more? I thought she had been the one who broke everything off, according to what she told me. She said you were really upset. Or something.

Perhaps. If this Riddle child is as intelligent as everyone and their mothers make it sound like, then I'm curious as to why the Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin and not Ravenclaw. I suppose his ambitions are really solid, then. I don't know if Walburga knows him, I don't really talk to her or her father anymore, but I assume as much, seeing as she's in the same House than he is and there is not such a big gap between both their ages.

Excuse my last letter. I wasn't in the best of moods this morning. I guess you could say we are somewhat enigmatic, the Black family. I never meant to come off as such a sour bitch. People just automatically assume that it's better if they don't touch the subject of families when they are around me. So, in a way, you caught me off guard. I apologise.



Note: I'm sorry I took ages to upload this!

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As it happens, the paperwork of the Quidditch team is more for the use of administrative staff and, well, bookkeeping, than anything else. I know when the pitch is booked but I don't know who booked it -- it's something about wanting to prevent us from 'intentionally spying on our next opponent', although theoretically I still could, I'd just have to waste time seeing who was flying around. Anyway, 'spying' on practices seems rather like a fruitless endeavour in any case.

Ah yes, the Weatherby-Crabbe hit. Not a very popular one with the Professors, I don't think, but it was a very good hit, and according to Weatherby, Crabbe had been "insulting his family" before the match, so I suppose one could argue it was deserved. I hadn't realized it took quite that long for Crabbe to recover, though. The longest I've been in the Hospital Wing is six days, and that was long enough.

Oh, I always had every intention of beating Hufflepuff, but more incentive is always welcome. Not enough blood? Honestly? I always imagined Greenville to be ignorant, but I hadn't imagined he was quite that bad. It certainly ought to be enough motive for Weatherby, being Muggleborn. I wish people would let go of these ridiculous blood "purity" prejudices they're so desperately clinging to, it's outdated, closeminded and if the magical community has any hope of making it into the next century we have no choice but to embrace half-bloods and Muggleborns.

Last for me today is Herbology, and no, my schedule's free. I'll see you then, then?

Well, okay, so a mosquito wouldn't be the most honourable of animals, but you could fly, without a broom! I'd love that, being able to be a... bird or something.

I think it was maybe wistful thinking that lead me to believe Concordia was sincerely "over it". I was wondering why McKinnon'd been glaring at me like I'd kicked his cat.

Dippet too? Curious, he seemed like a sort of hard-to-impress man. It's too bad Tom isn't in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor -- there's certainly not much opportunity to befriend a first-year prodigy if they aren't in your house. Perhaps your niece knows him? I'd be curious to know if he's really as impressive as they say he is. Maybe he's just really likeable.

Whoa, there. Calm down. Have I hit on a touchy subject? It's nothing more than honest curiousity that has me asking about your family, really. You Blacks are very... enigmatic. And I haven't got anything against Slytherin, (other than, I suppose, the typical Slytherin/Gryffindor rivalry, presumably springing from the fact that we tend to value very different things) cunning and ambition are good things in reasonable doses, but many Slytherins are so... over the top about it. Like Crouch, as we've said. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with a family having a tendency to be in one house -- as you mentioned, my entire family was in Gryffindor -- but I was more interested in the fact that you aren't in Slytherin. There's nothing wrong with Ravenclaw, to be honest I find it easier to see eye-to-eye with Ravenclaws than with Slytherins, I just think it's interesting and noteworthy that you're not like the majority of your family. I was trying to be personable - most people are quite happy and willing to talk about their family.


P.S. - It's not as though I don't feed him. He's a glutton, honestly.
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You are required to do that? How tedious. But if all Captains have to write down when they are booking the Pitch, how didn't you happen to see Greenville booking it almost every day for the past week? I can't imagine how something like that passed unnoticed.

Hm. Did you see the way he knocked off Gabe Crabbe from his broom during the last match of the season last year? My sister Cassiopeia told me he had to stay in the hospital wing for about two weeks, if I recall correctly, but, I have to admit, it was a very fantastic thing to witness. Too bad Weatherby fell along with Gabe. Although now that I reread it, it's obvious you did see it, being his captain and all. I'd be surprised if you hadn't.

Yes, they are; booking the Pitch, that is. I bumped into Greenville last week and he told me so, even though I hadn't even asked him. He has always liked to show off, Greenville has. I am secretly (although not anymore, since I am writing to you about it) cheering for Gryffindor so you can wipe out that stupid smirk out of his face. Greenville.. he and I used to date, yes, and for a long time, too, actually.Nothing happened, really, but it infuriated me to no end. I caught him telling – or shouting, more likely – how 'Dorea's a nice chick but she doesn't have enough blood for a Black, if you know what I mean. She's in Ravenclaw, after all,' or something as stupid as that. 'Doesn't have enough blood?' What on earth? And since when had he cared about that, anyway?

What's the last subject you have today? I can go and wait for you to finish, if you wish; I have free period and there's nothing else for me to do today. Otherwise, I will be sitting in my common room doing nothing at all. Besides, I like touring around the castle, so it won't be a problem. That is, of course, if you don't have anything planned after class already...

An Animagus? Not really. What if I spend all of those years learning how to transfigure myself and then I find myself to be a mosquito? Thanks, but I think I will pass.

How strange that you hadn't noticed Concordia's little 'thing' for you. Doesn't she bat her eyelashes everytime you are near and calls you in a girly, sweet voice: 'Charlus?' That is the impression she has given me, and I doubt you could have unintentionally ignored all of the hints she has dropped ever since the beginning of our school year. If Concordia is good at something, that's definitely not subtlety.

I have indeed noticed his unquestionable fondness towards that boy. What's even more strange, he isn't the only one: have you seen the way Dippet speaks about him? Possibly not, since he always does when he's directing me about my Head duties, but still. I wonder why they all think that. The other day I saw him talking with another first year who was Sorted into Gryffindor, I remember, who is supernaturally tall, even for a wizard. I can't remember his name, but Merlin, is he enormous.

Pollux is my eldest brother, then comes Cassiopeia, then M and then me. We're three, yes. I'm the younger one. And I mentioned my family because you brought up the topic, not by own decision. Why are you so interested in us, anyway? I don't go asking you about your aunts or uncles or siblings, do I? Why are you even interested in us? We're just another family, period. And, may I ask, what is wrong with our tendency to be Sorted into Slytherin (excluding myself, obviously)? It isn't as if the Potters have been Sorted into anything but Gryffindor for the last, what, a hundred years.

No, I don't feel unique; the Sorting Hat believed I fitted more into Ravenclaw than Slytherin, but that doesn't mean I don't have any of the Slytherin characteristics. Besides, I had a great-great-aunt who had already been Sorted into my house, so I'm not the first one.


P.S.: Do not complain about the piece of parchment missing in this letter. Your ravenous owl ate it while I was writing it! Honestly!

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Yes, there is a bit of paperwork that goes hand-in-hand with being a Quidditch Captain. The Department of Magical Sports and Games likes everything to be neatly recorded, apparently, amateur student Quidditch included. I think it's a bit redundant, myself, signing waivers and whatnot -- no one's been killed playing Quidditch in a good fifteen years, much less at Hogwarts -- but it isn't that bad. Most of it is about booking the Pitch and all of that, proposed practice schedules... nothing too fascinating.

Weatherby's a good lad, he's just inexperienced. I was hoping he'd grow out of it after last year, but apparently he hasn't. He gets so worked up by the Bludgers that he forgets about, well, his broom. It's a pain in the arse, I admit, but when he's in the air he aims Bludgers better than anyone else we've got. Minerva's my favourite of the new players, she's a brilliant Keeper. As for practice, of course we're practicing, but is Hufflepuff really practicing every day? That's a little unnerving. We'll just have to step it up, I suppose.

Sorry, I must have missed something -- what did their Captain do to you last year? I can recall you dating, but I'm afraid I must have missed the memo when it ended. I assume he did something deplorable? I don't mean to be nosy, but if I'm going to give my Beaters a main target, it'd be good to know why.

In any case, I can collect the paperwork from you after class today, if you like.

Flitwick and I do get along rather well, yes, though I can't imagine why he wouldn't like you.

Dumbledore is eccentric, that's all, I think. Eccentric and utterly brilliant. I suppose you're right -- I can't really imagine him using some sort of underhanded method of gathering information -- but he does seem to be very perceptive sometimes. It's peculiar. I've always wondered why he's not an Animagus. If I were that good at Transfiguration, I think I'd be an Animagus, don't you? I think it would worth the effort, certainly.

Concordia has a thing for me? Still? Really? I... hadn't realized. Don't -- well, don't encourage her, will you? She's a nice girl, but I can't say I particularly fancy her any longer.

Slughorn's gatherings are interesting, yes, though I must admit I find it a bit unorthodox for teachers to have such blatant favourites. As I said, they seem primarily to be about establishing connections outside of school, you know, for future careers, so while I suppose the would be quite useful to Muggleborn students, I am not entirely fascinated by them. I'm content with the concept of forming my own connections, really. And have you noticed how fond he is of that Tom Riddle boy? I mean, supposedly the kid's quite brilliant, and I've heard he lives at a Muggle orphanage in the summers, so that's quite unfortunate, but Slughorn talks as though he's the next Merlin and he's only a first year. How impressive can he be? Have you spoken to him at any of these parties?

Your niece? I remember your elder sister Cassiopeia, though not a Pollux. Is it just the three of you, then? (Ha, look at that -- I say 'just' as though my family isn't ridiculously small.) I only ask because you mentioned family, and I realized how little I know about yours. That is, I know the Blacks, of course, everyone knows the Blacks -- but it isn't as though I know much other than your tendency to be in Slytherin. And that, of course, you aren't in Slytherin, so clearly my knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. I suppose that must be sort of nice, yeah? Being in a House that the rest of your family isn't in, no footsteps to follow.

Not that I'm complaining, I quite like Gryffindor, but still, it must be nice to be the unique one.

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Before I forget, I forgot to give you some papers Dippet asked me to give you before our meeting. I never knew Quidditch Captains had to actually do paper work. I thought all they did was, well, fly. I don't mean to pry or anything of the sort, but what do you have to write about? How long can Weatherby stay on his broom without falling? (No offense to him, though; I know he can be a really good beater when he manages not to fall. The trouble is his lower body, not his upper one. In my humble opinion, he is a fantastic player when, of course, he is not facing downwards. Have you started practising for the next match, by the way? I have heard Hufflepuff's new Captain is training them for hours at a time. My advice: keep an eye open for him. For some reason, I want to see his heart tore into pieces for what he did to me last year.)

But I digress. I suppose I could send you the papers with this letter but I am afraid I don't trust your owl completely to do the entire journey without having something to eat first. When was the last time you fed her? She took a bite off my toast during breakfast even before I realised the owl post had arrived. Besides, if Dippet finds out I lost the papers, he might as well kill me. I am supposed to be Head Girl, after all, responsible, attentive and all that jazz.

It isn't hard to believe you are good in Charms because, truthfully, you are good at the other subjects just as much, but even though I am fairly good at every subject as well, Flitwick never seemed to like me like he likes you, even though he is the Head of my House.

Having Professor Dumbledore as a Head of House, though, must be extraordinary. He seems to know so much about everything (even though there are some times when I wonder if he realises where the line between fact and fiction lays. Everything he says can't be true, can it?) In answer to your question, I don't believe he is a Legiilimens, but if he is, reading people's mind using this charm at school is illegal, and he is a highly respected teacher, so that can't be it. I mean, he can't. He wouldn't do it.

Would he?

Concordia and Emmanuel? Emmanuel McKinnon? Marlene's older brother? Oh no, not at all. He just has a thing for her, that's all. In fact, I think shestill has a thing for you.

And this is where I repeat myself: I honestly do not know why I am telling you this when you are not supposed to know it. If she ever reads this, I will already be six feet under ground.

I have been oftentimes invited to Professor Slughorn's evening gatherings, and have attended most of them. They are.. interesting, sort of, don't you think? I believe I have seen you in one of them, at least.

Walburga is my niece. She is Pollux's only daughter, though I would be surprised if you knew him. He was so delighted she was Sorted into Slytherin... Why do you ask?

Yours sincerely,


P.S: I have decided not to give Barty any of my Head duties for him to do after I got your letter. I am sure he might have seen it as a sign of weakness and I wouldn't want that. I have a feeling he would have behaved in a very obnoxious way if I had given it to him.

P. P. S.: You are, surprisingly, right. Who would have said it?

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The Charms assignment? Accident, I suppose, although I'm not averse to reusing bits of parchment. I do it with plenty of casual letters. I'll use fresh parchment if it offends you in some way. It's funny you mention it, though -- I've never found Flitwick to be too bad, but then I'd say Charms is one of my best subjects. (I'll always prefer Defence Against the Dark Arts.) I admit to being slightly offended; is it really so hard to believe I do well in Charms?

Professor Dumbledore does quite like you, I think, though I can't think of too many people Dumbledore doesn't like. He's a great Head of House, though he's sort of creepily omniscient. Do you notice that, or is it just me? It's virtually impossible to get away with anything. I suspect he must be a Legilimens.

Ah, Concordia! Yes, I am rather well acquainted with her. Good girl. We ... have dated, yes, but we're just friends now. I believe her newfound interest is that McKinnon boy.

Crouch is well-intentioned, as I've said, and I have nothing against a good work ethic, I just think he's a little too enthused, is all. I'd hate to be competing aganist him for any sort of job or position, he seems perfectly capable of doing whatever he needs to get a leg up on the competition. It's no wonder Slughorn loves him. Speaking of Slughorn, have you ever been to one of his "parties"? The whole thing strikes me as a little bizarre, to be honest. I suppose it must be good for the Muggleborn students, though, as they wouldn't already have the connections the rest of us do.

Rest assured, I understand the only reason you've divulged this much information is simply to conserve parchment.

Rest assured also that my hopes are securely fastened to the floor, but I do still maintain that it's unlikely we have absolutely nothing in common. As for our families -- I know little about yours aside from reputation, so you'd have to enlighten me. That little Slytherin girl, Walburga, is she a close relative of yours?

I'll see you after dinner, then.


P.S. - Yes, I am sure Crouch would be delighted to do your Head duties for you, though I'd be careful if I were you, as he may mistake it for a sign of weakness or (perhaps worse) a sign of flirtation.

P.P.S - It may have been cliche, but I'm willing to bet it made you smile, even if only because you were laughing at me.
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Firstly, could you enlighten me as to why is this letter written in the back of a Charms assignment due last week? Ran out of parchment? Honestly. Good job, though; I never managed to get out an Outsanding from Flitwick since ever. Who would have said the little man would be so demanding? Personally, I prefer Transfiguration. Professor Dumbledore, I believe, likes me a fair bit. I can assure you I have got a few Outstandings in that subject. I wonder why Flitwick likes you so much.

The prefects, they are not awful once you get to know them properly. Most of them, anyway. Besides, one just has to acquaint with them on prefects' meeting, rounds and other rare gatherings. The only other prefect I am good friends with is Concordia Blubber, from Hufflepuff. However, I think you already know her quite well and that my introduction is superfluous. Especially since you have practically eaten her entire face a couple of times.

Barty Crouch may be quite obnoxious but I think it's worth it. He does what needs to do very well. Yesterday he approached me to tell me that he had already finished all of his duties and had gone to ask Dippet what else he could do. A bit eager, isn't he? And frightening, too.

I am not very sure why I just told you that, since it's none of your buisness, but oh well, I will send it either way because I have ran out of parchment, and I won't afford throwing this one away.

One thing, Charlus: don't get your hopes up. I am positive you and I have probably nothing in common (and especially not families).

Eight o'clock is fine with me. I'll see you there.

You do well. In not sticking your nose in my buisness, that is.



P.S.: Oh, please don't come with that petty one liner. It's so cliché I can't even laugh at it.

P.P.S.: It wasn't my intention to make this letter so long. Like I said before though, don't get your hopes up. I was just trying to avoid my Head duties (but don't you tell anyone). I will most probably just ask Barty Crouch to do them for me. I'm sure he'll be delighted. Don't you?