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Crossing the T's

(opposites attract)

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Letter Project between Charlus Potter and Dorea Black during their Hogwarts years
Crossing the T's

In the 1930s, Tom Riddle is just a boy, Dumbledore is just a teacher, Grindelwald is undefeated and, as it happens, a Potter and a Black are paired together in Potions.

This is a joint account created by Sharon (latine - ffnet - ur.org) and Kali (_thirty2flavors) - ffnet - ur.org) so we could post our little "letter project," inspired by the Round Robin challenge over the UR.org forums. Sharon takes care of Dorea's letter and Kali takes care of Charlus'.

With any luck, you might enjoy reading this half as much as we enjoy writing it. Hurrah, uncharted

And who knows, perhaps we may end up trendsetting the fashion of writing about Dory and Charlus, because apparently no one cares too much about them. Or so says the search engine.

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